Wednesday, 5 July 2017

If you love taking a look at photos you may probably see those eerie looking monochromatic black and white pictures and you know that something is not really right about it and then you’re looking at the uniqueness of an infrared photography. These photos have an over contrasted effects on them that makes them look surreal.

Infrared photography may look strange but then, this is one of the best qualities that make these pictures beautiful and different from the rest. This kind of photography is actually the same as the ordinary photography and the only different thing about it is that it doesn’t record any visible light and it records only an invisible light within the infrared spectrum. For you to be able to take infrared images, you’ll need cameras that are capable and is sensitive to this sort of light.

The Secrets Behind Infrared Photography

You can also use different infrared filters that you can attach to your lens to make infrared photography possible. These filters come in different sizes that will perfectly suit your lens, depending on the size that you need.

For you to test your camera on whether it is capable of infrared photography, you just need to point you remote control straight at the lens of your digital camera about 6 - 8 inches away and press any button on your remote, once you see a light the LCD of your camera, then you can possibly take your infrared photography.

For your camera’s setting, you need to make sure that your flash is turned off, an ISO of 400, in black and white mode and with a shutter speed of 1/15 second, if you can make it slower, then the result of your photos will be better. You need to keep in mind that automatic mode is not suggested to be used in infrared photography.

If you’re a photography enthusiast, then infrared photography will open up your mind to how wonderful the world of photography really is. You can come up with awesome and stunning compositions that will make your photos stand out. To make your infrared images more edgy, add a dash of your imagination and creativity to enhance your photo. There is really no limit on how creative you want your picture to be. You must have the passion and the patience to learn the different fields of photography. Practice also makes perfect so make sure that you get to have time to take your camera with you and enjoy photography like it is part of your life.


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